World Of Madhubani

‘World Of Madhubani’ is a not-just-for-profit sustainability initative by MITHILAsmita to showcase the most authentic heritage Madhubani art to the world, while ensuring that the revenues generated help our rural women artists lead a life of dignity!

Madhubani Paintings

Every Madhubani Painting is hand painted diligently and in vibrant colours to bring out the best of a traditional art on the medium

A Closer Look

Rural Women Empowerment

WOM focusses on empowering rural women, them being 99% of our work force.

Cultural Preservation

WOM stands for cultural preservation as mechanization of the world has somewhere lead the traditional culture to oblivion

Rural Development

Every product sold at WOM contributes to the development of an under developed part of India

Museum quality handicrafts Supply

WOM strikes the right balance between the cause that it supports and creating museum quality art merchandise

Socially Responsible Corporate Gifts

WOM meets the corporate gifting demands of high quality and low product, while ensuring every art gift is socially responsible

Cultural Gifts

WOM is the destination for Art & handicrafts lovers, who love Madhubani art but struggle to find an authentic piece

Madhubani Paintings, a heritage art of India, is more than 3000 years old tradition passed on from one generation to another by the women of the society!

Featured Products

Free Hand Heritage Art.

Every Madhubani painting/art merchandise is the free hand creativity of one woman artist and bears her signature style. WOM obeys Geogrpahical Indication guidelines awarded to the Madhubani Art!


WOM Madhubani Art are unique, as not only the different styles of Madhubani Paintings – Color, Line and Tattoo are exhibited, but due to huge network of artists supported at MITHILAsmita, different schools of Madhubani Art are also showcased.


WOM hand painted apparels/accessories are  wonderfully created, and are suitable to be gifted to people who want to look little beyond mass machine produced fashion. We stand for ‘Ethical Fashion’!

Art Merchandise

Madhubani Merchandise created at WOM are suitable corporate gifts where socially responsibility is more important than the pricing. These merchandise are created with very high standards due to our regular associations with museum shops.


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